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EU-India Research and Innovation Partnership

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The European Commission launched a call for proposals for EU-India research and innovation partnership projects. The goals of the projects are to stimulate the setting-up of EU-India cluster-to cluster partnerships in research and innovation and support mobility of European research and innovation cooperation towards finding solutions to common societal challenges.
This call for proposal consists of the following 6 lots (Indicative allocation of funds by lot: EUR 333 333):
o (i) Environment,
o (ii) Biotechnology,
o (iii) Transport,
o (iv) Energy,
o (v) Health,
o (vi) Information and communication technologies.
Indicative list of activities may include:
- Setting up of EU-India cluster-to-cluster partnerships in the areas of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda with particular focus on sustainable environment and water, bio-economy, agriculture, energy and transport, health, and information and communication technologies.
- Setting up individual mobility schemes for European researchers and innovators (e.g. post-graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral, engineers, innovation managers, entrepreneurs) working in research and innovation entities within a cluster in Europe to move from Europe to India. The individual mobility schemes should be an integral component of the cluster-to-cluster partnerships.
- Supporting visibility, mutual understanding and awareness actions to facilitate EU-India cooperation on research and innovation.
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