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Innovation Laboratory for Image Guided Therapy

Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

Medizinische Fakultät

Innovation Laboratory for Image Guided Therapy

Geb. 65

Leipziger Str. 44

39120 Magdeburg

Tel.:+49 391 6728120

Fax:+49 391 6715749

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Upcoming challenges in healthcare delivery and regional/global unmet clinical needs require new concepts for related purpose driven research and development to ensure a quick translation back to clinical use. 
With the HealthTEC Innovation lab (INNOLAB:IGT) we have established an interdisciplinary development environment with close ties to several clinical users, international partners (Australia, India, Egypt, UK, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Chile), and translation networks. 
Our primary focus has been on workflow-, and device- innovation for image guided and minimal invasive therapies, as well as on novel health monitoring approaches.
We are able to IDENTIFY Unmet Clinical Needs, define problem statements and provide IDEAS/INVENTIONS, can validate the prototypes, and have shown to be able to work with partners on IMPLEMENTATION and TRANSLATION. With that approach we have generated over 40 patents, identified more than 100 needs and created just as many prototypes in the last 5 years. 
For that we provide a fully equipped clinical development environment (diagnostic and minimal invasive therapy systems, robots, 3D printers, electronics / mechanical lab, comprehensive machine learning expertise) and empathetic and knowledgeable development staff.
Engineering students (biomedical, electrical, computer science, and mechanical) and clinical students learn to work in a focused and interdisciplinary innovation environment from identification all the way to a potential technology transfer with the clinical user and at the same time stimulate start-up activities in this area.
We also know the regulatory environment and the economic realities of bringing innovation to the clinical markets.


The INKA Innovation Lab supports innovators in the realization of their ideas.
We provide application-driven research close to medical needs. Our strengths are ideation, innovation, prototyping and testing of new solutions and products with medical professionals involved. With our interdisciplinary and international team, we operate a fully equipped clinical development environment including diagnostic and minimally invasive therapy systems, robots, 3D printers, phantoms / electronics / mechanical lab, engineering, machine learning and data processing expertise and empathetic and knowledgeable development staff. We can show expertise in regulatory affairs and the economic realities supporting you to bring innovation to the clinical markets. We look forward to working with you! Please check: or contact