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Dr. Ing. Axel Boese is Manager of the INKA - Innovation Laboratory for Image-Guided Therapy (IGTLAB) at the Medical Faculty of the University of Magdeburg. He is an expert in medical device development and clinical application with years of experience. Besides several developments, publications and patents in the field of image-guided therapies, he is a certified investigator for clinical studies and medical device testing and GCP, Member of VDE and DGBMT and of the DIN Standardisation committee 063-01-02 AA and Co-founder of the company M3DP UG and founder and CEO of MEDICS GmbH.


    Dr. Axel Boese is Manager of the IINKA - Innovation Laboratory for Image Guided Therapy (IGTLAB) @FME- OVGU Magdeburg
      Responsible for
      • Research organisation and management
      • Finances and human resources
      • Business cooperation
      • Grant applications
      Research interests
      • Devices and support systems for minimal - invasive and image guided therapy
      • Vascular devices and procedures
      • Endoscopic devices and procedures
      • Instruments for image guided therapy (IIGT) - Tools for minimal invasive vascular theraphy
      • IIGT - Lab Endoscopic Procedures
      • Produktentwicklung, Medizinprodukte und MDR (PMM) - Technical Documentation, Risk Management

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