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Prof. Dr. Michael Friebe

Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

Medizinische Fakultät

Innovation Laboratory for Image Guided Therapy

Prof. Michael Friebe is a German citizen with expertise in diagnostic imaging + image guided therapies, as founder/innovator/CEO/investor, and scientist. After a BSc. in electrical engineering he spend 5 years in San Francisco as R&D Engineer at a MRI + Ultrasound device manufacturer. He graduated with a MSc. in Technology Management from Golden Gate University, San Francisco and back in Germany obtained his PhD in Medical Engineering. He currently is an affiliate Professor at TUM, Munich; Professor at IHBI QUT in Brisbane; and professor of HealthTec Innovation at the medical faculty Otto-von-Guericke-University, Magdeburg, Germany. He is a listed inventor of over 100 patents, author of >300 papers, board member of four medical technology startup companies, and an investment partner of a MedTec investment-fund. From 2016-2018 he was a Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE EMBS and very enthusiastic about innovation generation + entrepreneurship.

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  • Dipl.-Ing. Nachrichtentechnik, Stuttgart; Master of Science - Management, San Francisco; Dr. rer. medic. Medizinphysik, Witten
  • 5 years in San Francisco (UCSF / UC RIL / TOSHIBA MRI) as MRI R&D and Project Engineer / Product Manager
  • 1993 - founded NEUROMED AG, the largest independent radiology / Imaging services provider in Central Europe
  • Started 15 more companies in Germany and other neighboring countries – all involved with Medical Imaging technologies
  • 2001 trade sale of NEUROMED AG to UMS AG
  • Started TOMOVATION GmbH in 2003, investment / development and trading company in Medical Imaging (TOMOgraphy + InnoVATION). 2008 sale of the company to ALLIANCE Medical, Inc., Warwick UK - Michael left Alliance in 2011 as Managing Director Central Europe
  • Former board member of US publicly traded companies (INTRAOPMEDICAL, Inc.; BIOPHAN, Inc.; Mobile PET Systems, Inc.)
  • Currently Vice-Chairman of SURGICEYE GmbH (, advisory board member of PIUR IMAGING and MEDINEERING
  • Germany's Business Angel of the year 2011
  • Non-operational Venture Partner of FRIIH Investment Holding GmbH and FVW Investments for Health GmbH&Co KG, currently invested in 11 medical technology start-up companies in Germany (Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Bochum)
  • Rudolf-Diesel-Industry-Fellow of the Institute for advanced Studies TU München and affiliated Professor at TUM-CAMP
  • Honorary Professor of Biomedical Engineering at MISR University (, Cairo (6th of October City), Egypt
  • Professor at the IHBI of QUT, Brisbane, Australia
  • >100 national and international patent applications as lead inventor
  • IEEE EMBC Distinguished Lecturer 2016-2018
  • IEEE ACCESS Associate Editor, Biomedical Engineering


  • Diagnostic Imaging Systems - particularly MRI and Ultrasound
  • Development of electro-mechanical systems and tools for minimal invasive imageguided therapies with US, XR, MRI, NUK (e.g. biopsy devices, injection and ablationsystems)
  • Combination (hybridization) of different diagnostic modalities to optimize therapies - e.g. minimal invasive work environment
  • Catheters and devices for the therapy procedures under image guidance -e.g.intraoperative radiation therapy / cryo ablation, intelligent monitoring and staging,tracking and navigation systems
  • Intelligent catheters, implants, and tools for Neurosurgical, Vascular, Oncology, and Orthopaedic applications
  • Robotics in combination with imaging and therapy
  • Translational concepts and Innovation Generation for Image Guided Therapies
  • Patent and IP Strategies
  • Public Lecturer on Innovation Generation for MedTec applications
  • Public Lecturer on Exponential Technologies and their impact on healthcare development (3D Print, mHealth, Machine Learning, Big Data, Imaging, Synthetic Biology, Gene and Stem Cell Therapy, Minimal Invasive Therapies)


- Innovation for MedTec and Therapy products together with Clinicians
- Development of Minimal Viable Products to show feasibility
- Market information and regulatory approvals for CE, FDA, CFDA
- Future Medical Technology Development Strategies
- Service and Business Concepts  
- IP Strategy
- Exponential Organization Ambassador, Coach, Trainer
- Scaling-Up Expert
- Serial Entrepreneur and Start-Up Geek

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