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02/2008-10/2011: PhD studies at University of Göttingen
12/2011-09/2013: DAAD Postdoc Fellow at Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
10/2013-08/2015: Dirichlet Postdoc at Berlin Mathematical School (and HU Berlin)
09/2015-12/2018: Lecturer in Mathematics at University of Kent (UK)
01/2019-now: Professor of Functional Analysis at MLU Halle-Wittenberg


Topological Methods in Functional Analysis and their Applications to Differential and Difference
Equations, including (but not restricted to):
  •  topological methods in bifurcation theory
  • index bundles for families of (unbounded) Fredholm operators and index theorems
  • spectral flows of paths of geometric operators
  • symplectic Hilbert spaces and the Maslov index
  • geodesics in semi-Riemannian manifolds

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  • Nicolaus Copernicus University Torun, Dr. Robert Skiba