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Ageing-Conference from 03.09.-05.09.2021 in Halle

"Cardiovascular ageing: from basic science to translation"
Cardiovascular diseases are the major cause of death in the industrial nations especially in the elderly. Therefore, it is of scientific interest which part of the complete risk for cardiovascular diseases is based on cellular ageing in comparison with normal risk factors like smoking or hypercholesterolemia.
 Thus, it is important to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms of aging. With this knowledge, interventions can be developed to modify the aging process and thereby postpone the onset of diseases with the goal to increase the years of healthy life - the healthspan - rather than only the lifespan. 
The purpose of this meeting is (1) to discuss aging as a modifiable risk factor of cardiovascular diseases, (2) to promote greater communication among the world-wide community of individuals engaged in ageing research and (3) to invite young students to join this field of research.
 The congress will be the 10th international meeting on ageing in Halle (Saale) and will accompany the development of a focus on ageing research in Central-Germany. It will comprise invited talks and poster sessions. There will be no concurrent sessions.