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Curriculum Vitae Helge Bruelheide Birth date and place: 12/01/1962, Bielefeld



Abitur Hans-Ehrenberg Gymnasium in Bielefeld-Sennestadt


Biology and Geography at the University of Münster


Diplom-Biologie, Georg August-Universität Göttingen.


Diploma thesis in vegetation science "The vegetation of limestone grasslands at the eastern and western foothills of the Meissner Mountains"


Award for Special Student Achievements by the Ministry of Science and Art of Lower Saxony


Dissertation University of Göttingen. Thesis: "Vegetation and site conditions of grassland communities of the Harz Mountains. With a contribution to the classification principles of using statistically derived species groups."

Civil Service


Nursing ward at the geriatric home Klarastift in Münster

Scientific Activities


Scientific assistant in various courses and research projects


Research assistant of the Department of Vegetation Science (Assistant to Prof. Dr. Dierschke). Organization of laboratory and field courses and excursions. Supervisor of diploma theses in vegetation science.


Research assistant (Hochschulassistent, C1) in the Department of Ecology and Ecosystem Research (Department Head: Prof. Dr. M. Runge). Supervisor of 25 diploma and 3 dissertation theses focussing on the influence of climatic and edaphic site conditions on the distribution of plant species.


Habilitation (venia legendi for botany). Subject of the habilitation thesis: "Experimental investigations for determining the climatic causes of plant geographical range boundaries"


Assistant Professor (Oberassistent C2) in the Department of Ecology and Ecosystem Research


Temporary teaching position at the Institute of Geobotany and Botanical Garden Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
o since 01/01/2004, Professor for Geobotany (C4)

Expertise activities in Nature Conservation


Foundation of the consulting agency "oekon"


Expertise work on planning, managing and monitoring nature reserves


Foundation of "Coenos Landschaftsplanung GmbH", with Thomas Flintrop and Carola Seifert

since 1996

Participation in various projects of Coenos

since 2004

member of the scientific Advisory Council of the Harz National Park

Editorial activities 
o Referee for: Australian Journal of Botany, Basic and Applied Ecology, Bulletin of the Geobotanical Institute ETH, Ecology, Ecology Letters, Flora, Folia Geobotanica, Journal of Applied Ecology, Journal of the Arid Environment, Journal of Biogeography, Journal of Ecology, Journal of Nordic Botany, Journal of Vegetation Science, Oecologia, Plant Ecology, Polish Botanical Studies, Trees

o since 1999

Member of the Editorial Board of "Journal of Vegetation Science"

o since 2001

Associate Editor of "Journal of Vegetation Science"

o since 2005

Member of the Editorial Board of "Tuexenia"

o since 2005

Member of the Editorial Board of "Flora"

o since 2007

Member of the Editorial Board of "Hercynia"

o since 2007

Elected member of the Advisory Council of the "International Association of Vegetation Science (IAVS)

o since 2007

Associate Editor of "Journal of Plant Ecology" (formerly Acta Phytoecologica Sinica)

Referee for Funding Agencies

o since 2002

Reviews for the German Research Foundation (DFG), individual grans programme, Research Training Groups and Collaborative Research Centres

o since 2002

Reviews for the Grant Agency der Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

o since 2002

Reviews for the Ministry of Lower Saxony for Science and Culture

o 2005

European Science Foundation

o 2007


o 2009

Swiss National Science Foundation

o since 2007

Elected representative for the DFG Review Board 202 "Plant Sciences" in the discipline "Plant ecology and ecosystem research"


vegetation ecology, biodiversity ecosystem functioning relationships, invasion biology and experimental and modelling approaches in plant biogeography


Design of scientific experiments
Plant distribution maps of Central European plant species (GIS maps)
German vegetation database
Measurement of frost hardiness (electrolyte leakage)
CN analyses
AFLP and microsatellite analyses



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