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Prof. Dr. Elena Azanon Gracia

Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

Fakultät für Naturwissenschaften

Institut für Psychologie

My research focuses on the multisensory mechanisms that allow us to extract spatial information from touch using information about posture and vision, and explains how this is used to construct representations of our body and to guide our actions. I combine psychophysics, electro– and magnetoencephalography to identify the behavioural and neural correlates of these phenomena.

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2011    PhD, Faculty of Psychology, University of Barcelona, Spain (Prof Salvador Soto-Faraco)
2007    Certificate of Advanced Studies. Faculty of Psychology, University of Barcelona, Spain
2005    BA, Psychology. Faculty of Psychology, University of Barcelona, Spain


2018 (May)     Dorothea Erxleben Guest Professor, Otto von Guericke University, Germany
2014 – 2018    Postdoctoral Fellow, Birkbeck, University of London, UK (Prof Matthew Longo)
2012 – 2014    Marie Curie Postdoc, University College London (Prof Patrick Haggard)
2011 – 2012    Assistant Lecturer, University of Barcelona, Spain


Somatosensory perception
Spatial representation
Body representation
Motor processing
Multisensory integration
Human EEG analysis
Human transcranial magnetic stimulation
Cognitive Neuroscience


Consultation and expert reports on tactile perception, body representation, coordinate transformation and multisensory integration.
Disorders of these functions in neurological and psychiatric disorders and their therapeutic modulation.
Analyses of psychophysical data.
Human EEG analysis.
Cognitive-neuroscientific reports.



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