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The Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio 287 BULK-REACTION explores the interaction of physical and chemical processes in reacting and moving dense particle systems passed by a gaseous fluid. The bulk solids motion is driven by gravity or mechanical agitation. BULK-REACTION combines the methods and expertise from reactive fluid mechanics with particle technology in a new multi-scale approach, ranging from microscopic pores inside particles, to the void spaces between particles, up to complete systems of industrial scale.
Reacting dense particle systems form the basis of a multitude of processes and are present in a wide variety of industrial sectors (e.g. for energy storage solutions; thermal use of solid biomass; treatment of bulk solids in process, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry). These processes are indispensable for the safety of supply with many granular products in industrialised societies.
BULK-REACTION builds upon the collaboration of leading research groups in the field of the Discrete Element Method (DEM) for reactive systems in Bochum, with experts in the simulation and the experimental analysis of energy-intensive particle processes in Magdeburg. The team of BULK-REACTION is interdisciplinary, including competences from Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Information Engineering, Physics and Astronomy, Process & Systems Engineering, Informatics and Natural Sciences. This broad participation assures that BULK-REACTION goes beyond the structures of single faculties and will have an impact at the university level.The interdisciplinary approach within BULK-REACTION creates a link between three-dimensional simulation and measurement techniques at all relevant scales, employing innovative models and methods. In this manner, it becomes possible to analyse the phenomena controlling chemically reacting bulk solids at an unprecedented new level of detail in space and time. This will allow to provide an understanding of the interplay of the phenomena in large-scale technical processes, a deficiency that needs to be overcome for a reliable design and operation of such systems.
BULK-REACTION will have a significant societal and technological impact. It will form the scientific basis for new products, reactor concepts and process chain designs. It will be possible to precisely predict product quality parameters, to enhance energy efficiency and to reduce CO2 emissions in these important unit operations of process industries.

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